Replica RICHRD MILLE sports watch

As the representative of the flagship watch at the top of the pyramid, RICHARD MILLE watch presents a wonderful watch with unique materials, ingenious design and industrious decoration. In the type of sports watch, whether it is land, sea or sky, it is accompanied by various sports players to challenge the limit.

In aviation, RICHARD MILLE was inspired by the E6-B pilot sovereign invented by US military Philip Dalton in the 1930s to create the E6-B RM 39-01 flight calculator. table. This unique system is presented by a bi-directional rotating outer ring and a fixed inner ring and displays rather complex flight calculations in bright colors (green, yellow, orange) (including fuel consumption, flight time, density height, effects of wind speed, etc.) ); it also provides a numerical comparison of different units of measurement, allowing pilots to quickly convert units.

RMAC2 self-winding movement is composed of 620 parts and 62 gems, features variable inertia balance and patented variable geometry automatic disc,replica rolex which can adjust the winding efficiency and maintain stable kinetic energy according to the terms of use. It has a large date that automatically scales the month, a second time (adjusted by the 8 o'clock button), a countdown and flyback timing performance (2, 4 o'clock button operation).

RM 60-01 The Regatta Flyback Chronograph is the brand's first nautical-themed watch, featuring the RMAC2 self-winding movement with big date, second time, countdown and return times.

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