Seiko lancia Quartz Astron 1969th 50th Anniversary Replica Watches

In December 1969, the Astron Quartz watch released by Seiko completely changed the watch industry. Although the price of this watch is comparable to that of a small car, it is the first commercial quartz watch. Technological development and economies of scale led to a rapid decline in the cost of quartz watches.replica watches Until the end of the 1970s, the Swiss mechanical watch industry almost completely collapsed, namely the quartz crisis.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of this historic watch, Seiko has just released the 1969 50th Anniversary Quartz Astron Limited Edition. The new watch is equipped with a new generation of solar GPS quartz movement, but the appearance is true to the original, and its price is still comparable to that of a small car, 3.8 million yen, equivalent to about 250,000 yuan.

Like the original watch, the new watch features an 18K yellow gold pillowcase, but the latter is slightly larger and has a diameter of 40.9mm. The fine grain pattern on the top surface of the case is "hand carved", reminiscent of the textured finish of the Astron antique quartz watch. Likewise, the dial is decorated with vertical satin to restore the original. But the 3X22 caliber is thoroughly 21st century, and Seiko calls it the "world's thinnest solar GPS" movement.

The movement automatically synchronizes with the GPS satellite twice a day, ensuring that the error does not exceed one second in 100,000 years. Even if the 3X22 caliber cannot be synchronized with GPS satellites, it can maintain the travel time error within 15 seconds per month, just like a traditional quartz movement.fake rolex Furthermore, the movement also features a time zone correction function which activates the built-in pusher to quickly adjust the hour hand to the new time zone. In addition, the date window at 3 o'clock can be displayed accurately up to 2100.

When fully charged, this watch can run in the standard mode for six months. In energy saving mode (deactivating GPS synchronization), the watch can last up to two years. According to Seiko, in cloudy and sunny weather, it takes about 75 hours to fully charge.

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